Monday, May 15, 2000

Hacks for the povo cyclist

This bike was donated to me by Iggy Ray, who must have figured that if he gave it away, he would be forced to pull finger on a titanium "Wilson" build he has been talking about for years. It came at about the time that I was thinking about doing L' Eroica, a vintage bike ride event which is now franchised around the world. We had our eye on the Japanese one.

It came with Mafac brakes and 27 inch Mavic rims on some silky smooth Sansin hubs. Ray bought it new in Paris in 1976. Its a Peugeot PX10. I think the wheels and crank were not original. The rear derailer was a crappy shimano that had been mounted on a "tapped" Simplex hanger.

I had a play with it, replaced the crank, after the left arm fell off while I was riding home on its first commute. I put an old Campy crank on it, and some 33mm Cyclocross tires, and rode it down the Transient trail in Polhill. I was very impressed with the brakes. I imagine the direct mount ones must be incredible, mine are just the cheaper centre mount variety

Mungo bars with the original 27 inch wheels.

 I got the frame powder-coated at Seaview, the finish is about a 7 out of 10. I got a sticker set from the UK, and a friend gave me a lovely Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear derailer and shifters.

I was about to learn that Italian Campag derailers don't fit on French Simplex drop-outs...

Shimano to the rescue in the form of an old Durace 8 speed rear derailer.

I installed my Brooks Swift titanium saddle on it, and splashed out on some faux leather tape from Ritchey.


The bike has a very relaxed feel. Its like a comfy armchair, especially with the Compass Barlow Pass tires on it.  They are actually about 33 mm wide and a lot faster than they look. I came across an old 8 speed 11-30 cluster that seems to work very well with the durace rear derailer. I got rid of the 54 tooth big ring at the front and replaced it with my only other compatible ring, a 49. I can now comfortably cross-chain if I need to and the 30 on the back matched to the old-school 42 little ring on the front is not too tall.

Sunday, April 02, 2000

Jord's oceanias MTB champs report march 2007

Hi Everyone
The day before my race, I was hydrating and ensuring I had lots of food in my reserves. Woke up on race day to hear the sound of rain, I know everybody hates that sound but not me I was actually excited to race in the wet greasy conditions.

Got to event village about an hour before start just in time for a warm up, in fact it wasn't even a warm up because I was "freezing" literally, anyway found some hills to warm up on but hills have one problem once you go up you have to come down and when you come down you freeze.

Anyway got on the start line as usual but still shivering and covered in goose bumps. The gun went off, actually the pace at the start was fairly relaxed but as soon as we hit the tarseal road climb attacks started happening. Everybody was sprinting to get to the single track first, anyway I got swamped and ended up about 10th into the first single track.

As per usual I just decided to run the first technical climb because hopping on and off wastes energy. I got to the main climb and I looked up only to find the leaders were nearly at the top. This was a tester for the legs which still weren't warm probably down to the fact that I was freezing during my warm up.

As I entered the main single track I reckon I was already a minute behind the leader lying in 9th position. My decent was sluggish and rough I just couldn't ride smooth with all the greasy rocks and steps.

I was riding past the feed zone when someone called out 1min 30s behind I was shocked that I thought I was going fast but really I was slow. Second lap was better my pace didn't slow much and I was gaining on an Auzzie and two kiwis.

Third lap my legs felt better, I went past the Auzzie and overtook George and James (both Kiwis). About 30seconds after I went past them I heard some yelling, turns out it was George with a puncture. I got to the top of the climb and I decided to try and make some time on 5th and 4th place who I could still se so I tried pushing it a little more on the downhill, I entered a wooden bridge (slippery walking track bridge with no chicken wire) carrying too much speed tying to do a 45degree turn, front wheel wiped out and I ended up kissing the

Once I got back up and riding again I heard some brakes behind me it was James Williamson I must have lost about 15seconds coming off.

I followed James through the start finish area and he also came off. We were flying on a path when James went to bunny hop this log of wood but he didn't lift his front wheel higher enough and he ended up flat on his face. Fourth lap it started to hurt on the climbs and they were getting muddier and the descents were more like streams of water flowing everywhere. The climbs seemed to get steeper and the descent more technical.

Last lap, I was in 6th but the frustrating thing was I could see Conor (kiwi rider) who was absolutely flying and the Auzzie a little bit behind him but I just couldn't make up any ground. My legs were dead and I just couldn't go any

I ended up finishing sixth in a time of 1:56mins Nearly 7mins down to winner Paul Van Der Ploeg.I am happy to finish 2nd Kiwi and I now know the pace of competing at the next level, I will sure train harder next year.

Special thanks to:
*Mum Dad
*Allco Agencies
*Vic Cycles
*and of course PNP
Happy Trails

Under 19 Men
1 601 Paul Van Der Ploeg (AUS, Felt Bicycles, SRAM, Hutchinson) 1:50:06.1
2 606 Nathan Haas (AUS, Orbea Australia, Actas ) 1:51:52.1
3 604 Peter Braunsteins (AUS, Richmond cyclery ) 1:52:32.0
4 610 Conor MacFarlane (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 1:54:13.1
5 607 Benjamin Dyball (AUS) 1:55:49.3
6 613 Jordan Blake (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 1:56:56.1
7 609 James Williamsonnz (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 1:58:52.2
8 603 Daniel Hallam (AUS, Greg Swain (Coach).Advance Traders.Merida.Nerang Mountain Bike Club) 1:59:33.7
9 611 Scott Green (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 1:59:40.9
10 615 Alex McGregor (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 2:00:37.5
11 605 Luke Knox (AUS, Bendigo Bank Academy of Sport Villawood ) 2:03:02.7
12 602 Robbie Hucker (AUS, Cannondale maxxis mountain bike racing team , sram,sugoi,enervit,giro) 2:03:44.2
13 612 Ashley Hough (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 2:04:23.4
14 616 Jonathan Coates (AUS) 2:05:45.9
15 608 Jarrad Burrell (AUS, Kalamunda Cycles ) 2:08:18.5
16 614 George Bennett (NZL, Bike New Zealand ) 2:13:08.4